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Kenny Broad

University of Miami


Dr. Kenny Broad is Chair of the Marine Affairs and Policy Department of the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami. He is an underwater cave explorer and environmental anthropologist, tackling controversial problems ranging from climate change to inequity in natural resource management. He has a special focus on the potential use and misuse of scientific information, stressing the importance of recognizing and communicating the level of uncertainty inherent in any scientific information.

Kenny believes that scientific fact can have great practical utility if all aspects of a problem are studied within context, uncertainties are openly communicated, unintended consequences are anticipated, and issues of equity in distribution of benefits are considered from the start.

Kenny and the late underwater photographer Wes Skiles were named “National Geographic's Explorers of the Year” in 2011 for their extraordinary achievements in documenting the Blue Holes of the Bahamas.