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Shayle Matsuda

San Francisco State University


Shayle Matsuda is a PhD student at the University of Hawai’i Manoa and the Hawai’i Institute of Marine Biology in the Gates Lab where he researches coral resilience in the face of climate change. His master’s work at the California Academy of Sciences and San Francisco State University, focused on the evolutionary history and biodiversity of brightly colored charismatic sea slugs called nudibranchs. When not in the lab, Shayle is active in science communication and education. He was the host of the popular interactive science series Science, Neat in San Francisco, where he provides opportunities and mentorship to young researcher in creative science communication, while bridging the gap between the scientific and local communities. He uses watercolors and digital media to make science more accessible to wider audiences (@wrong_whale). Shayle has over a decade of experience working in youth and young adult program development, outdoor education and science interpretation, and creating and facilitating research experiences for high school students from underserved populations. Shayle’s science communication footprint includes Science, Neat, Nerd Nite SF, Ignite at AGU, FameLab, the Story Collider podcast series, and NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences